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When it comes to getting your pack ready for a trip, there are common tips everyone knows: Keep it as light as you can, heavy stuff at the bottom, and always carry emergency gear.

Inspired by this graphic we found floating around on Pinterest, we put our brains together to come up with a few Insider Tips

mtnadvistorHave you seen the new website that Grind Media just launched? It's called MtnAdvistor, and it's focused on snow & ski resorts. As one of Source Interlink Media's top brands for outdoor adventure, Grind Media carries over 20 brands and brings much of that content together with this new site.

It's still new, but so far the information is pretty well laid out and easy to use.

SOURCE: MTNAdvisor.com

Patagonia put together a nice short film featuring some of their gear that's been well used for decades. It's really great to see equipment & clothing that can be used for more than one or two seasons, and most Patagonia gear fits the bill quite nicely.

How to build a campfire diagramBuzzfeed put together a collection of 22 diagrams to help your ensure next camping trip is a success.

These diagrams come from a variety of sources, including survival websites & scouting resources.

While many are very useful, some leave major holes. For example, the fire starting diagram mentions several ways to create sparks, but misses many common tinder sources (such as petroleum & cotton balls).

Still, these are useful for their entertainment value if nothing else. There are certainly some gems in these diagrams.

Source: BuzzFeed.com

Camping is good for you in many ways.So a lot of data shows what we already know to be true: Camping is good for your health.

Not only does getting outside & exploring help with physical fitness, eating habits, and provide much needed stress relief, getting away from artificial light resets our 'circadian clocks'.
When you spend a week in the woods, your body gets into the rythym it's supposed to be in. You get to sleep earlier, and rise with the sun (generally). It gets your body back on it's evolutional track, so to speak, and helps reset your entire physiology.

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Source: Smithsonian.com

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