Since purchasing a timeshare week at Grand Lodge on Peak 7 in Breckinridge, Colorado about 6 years ago, we’ve had the opportunity to visit quite a few other timeshare resorts around North America. Luckily, our Summer/Fall week at Breckenridge trades quite well, so we usually see some amazing places.

During Spring Break 2017 we were able to trade for a week in a one bedroom in Genoa, NV - at 1862 David Walley’s Resort.

​As an Explorer of all things cold & steep, skiing & riding Lake Tahoe has always been high on my bucket list.
Last week the Williams family got to check that one off at Heavenly Mountain Resort.

Do you love snow? If you’re a plow driver, it is unlikely that you are. If you Live To Explore like we do, you probably love the recreation opportunities snow provides.

So which are the best Snow States?

Given our history of involvement in Search and Rescue, when a series like this comes along - you binge watch.

In this new series from Red Bull TV "The Horn", we follow Air Zermatt, the world’s best aerial search and rescue team.

Looking for something a little more amazing than your local MTB track this summer? Why not ride from Durango, CO to Moab, UT?

Fall is quickly setting in throughout the Rocky Mountain State, so whether you're coming for a visit, a new resident, or a full-on are our top 5 things you should consider tackling this cool, crisp season:

Ready for an awesome adventure in Colorado this fall? put together an excellent list of the 20 HIghest Roads in the Centennial State.

Our favorites? Dirt of course...

Webster Pass, summit elevation: 12,140 ft.
Stony Pass, summit elevation: 12,650 ft.
Imogene Pass, summit elevation: 13,117 ft.
Mosquito Pass, summit elevation: 13,186 ft.

Read the full list on their site.

Producer Avocados and Coconuts recently did a project for Hipcamp. It's a short compliation of clips with their associated real-world sounds. No music, voiceover, or other distractions.

Pretty cool way to inspire us all to get outside :)

TP coffee canFound this little story over on BuzzFeed thanks to our friends at Living Overland, "41 Camping Hacks that are Borderline Genius". While some of them are certainly innovative, most have been seen before in various forms, and many are just plain silly.

The latest from Jordan, he's still in Myanmar and is having a very interesting time. Read all about it!


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