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AmbitI've been searching for a good, all around exploration/fitness watch for quite some time. My old Timex HR monitor watch has been pretty flakey lately, so it would be nice to have one device that does it all. It was released a while back, but I recently learned about the way you can integrate the Suunto Ambit into not only your adventures, but your workout routine as well.

I'm still on the fence about dropping over $500 on a watch, but if it really does everything it says, and does it well, it may be worth the price.

See the Ambit here.

Time for new skisAs winter starts to swing into gear, now may be a good time to think about new skis for the 12-13 season. REI put together a great little list of things to think about when out shopping for new sticks.

Our list basically comes down to:

  • Budget: We can only afford so much ski, with fuel bills so high from exploring Colorado resorts
  • Features: The feature set will depend on the type of terrain you love and local conditions
  • Skier ability: There is such thing as 'too much' ski
  • Dependability: With a growing family, and many friends that love to ride, our skis don't always stay safe in the Thule rack. Not to mention a rock or two in early season conditions.

REI's post has some great tips to think about.

Source: REI Blog

The latest from Jordan, he's still in Myanmar and is having a very interesting time. Read all about it!


MyanmarJordan's latest update, this time from Myanmar.

We really wish we could be out & about with him, can't wait to see what adventure awaits!

Bangkok - grand-palaceJordan has another update for us, this time from Bangkok.

Apparently his best advice for exploring a new, foreign, land is to run around early in the AM. That's military training for you :)

Enjoy this report!

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