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  • Try One of these great Campfire Recipes (SurvivalLife.com)

    Try One of these great Campfire Recipes (SurvivalLife.com)

    Next time you're around a campfire either during an adventure or at home, check out one (or several) of these great campfire recipes from SurvivalLife.com

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  • Insulated Tumbler Test | 2017

    Insulated Tumbler Test | 2017

    Insulated pints/tumblers are currently one of the top buys in the outdoor community, and for good reason. They usually come with a leak-resistant top so they’re great for on the go or around the campfire. Most versions are rated to hold the heat (or cold) for many, many, hours.

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  • Review: 1862 David Walley's Resort | Genoa, NV

    Review: 1862 David Walley's Resort | Genoa, NV

    Since purchasing a timeshare week at Grand Lodge on Peak 7 in Breckinridge, Colorado about 6 years ago, we’ve had the opportunity to visit quite a few other timeshare resorts around North America. Luckily, our Summer/Fall week at Breckenridge trades quite well, so we usually see some amazing places. During

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rsz pg sthsummerhz lgDr. Jon Kedrowski recently posted his story about a late summer rescue on Snowmass mountain, where he was instrumental in a life saving high-angle rescue. While we never like to hear about accidents on the mountain, it's good to know there are people out there ready & willing to risk their safety to help others.

Read the full story on Dr. Kedrowski's blog


ac proposalWhile on a somewhat ordinary flight for fun, a "cool guy" named Ryan Thompson decided to fake an in-flight emergency in order to propose to his girlfriend. While the video is certainly entertaining (Adventure Journal reports that she did say 'yes'), we're not sure if this is the safest way to start a new life together. It sure is interesting though. What do you think?

Read the full story

Source: Adventure Journal

NiteriderElevation Outdoors (www.elevationoutdoors.com) wrote an article yesterday covering NiteRider rechargeable lights for biking (LINK). While the LED light that can last 25 hours (on dim) with amazing brightness certainly sounds cool, we're just not sure it's worth the $350 price tag.

The Blaze

A quick search on Amazon yielded several options from 'casual' lights to the aptly named 'Blaze'. While admittedly none of these options is as bright as the NiteRider, that $350 can buy a lot of lights AND a lot of rechargeable batteries.


It really comes down to what your needs are. A professional night rider may shell out the $$$ for an 1800 lumen light, but for the vast majority of us, a $50 light and plenty of batteries will do just fine.


New bridges to crossAbout 5 years ago a few of us brainstormed during a backpacking trip to discuss an online adventure blog & magazine, which is how Adventure Insider was born. Today we're announcing a few changes to AI, some of which are pretty signifcant. Erick Pound, the driving force and founder of this little project is stepping down from day-to-day operation of the website and magazine, mainly due to a deployment with the military that will have him out of the country for the next few months.


Ski Cooper ViewThe crew over at Elevation Outdoors put together a killer guide to Colorado resorts, just in time for season to start. They tracked down locals to spill the beans on how to experience each resort like an insider. We'll be working on a few of these tips this winter :) Read the full article here.

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