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  • Insulated Tumbler Test | 2017

    Insulated Tumbler Test | 2017

    Insulated pints/tumblers are currently one of the top buys in the outdoor community, and for good reason. They usually come with a leak-resistant top so they’re great for on the go or around the campfire. Most versions are rated to hold the heat (or cold) for many, many, hours.

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  • This is Phoenix, An All-In-One Solar Generator From Renogy

    This is Phoenix, An All-In-One Solar Generator From Renogy

    We've seen solar panels, battery packs, and kits in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Usually the completly contained units are not large enough to power more than your phone, or they're too cumbersome to truly be considered 'portable'.

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  • ​ 20,000ft Over Lake Tahoe

    ​ 20,000ft Over Lake Tahoe

    ​As an Explorer of all things cold & steep, skiing & riding Lake Tahoe has always been high on my bucket list.Last week the Williams family got to check that one off at Heavenly Mountain Resort.

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Latest Exploring Articles

NiteriderElevation Outdoors (www.elevationoutdoors.com) wrote an article yesterday covering NiteRider rechargeable lights for biking (LINK). While the LED light that can last 25 hours (on dim) with amazing brightness certainly sounds cool, we're just not sure it's worth the $350 price tag.

The Blaze

A quick search on Amazon yielded several options from 'casual' lights to the aptly named 'Blaze'. While admittedly none of these options is as bright as the NiteRider, that $350 can buy a lot of lights AND a lot of rechargeable batteries.


It really comes down to what your needs are. A professional night rider may shell out the $$$ for an 1800 lumen light, but for the vast majority of us, a $50 light and plenty of batteries will do just fine.


New bridges to crossAbout 5 years ago a few of us brainstormed during a backpacking trip to discuss an online adventure blog & magazine, which is how Adventure Insider was born. Today we're announcing a few changes to AI, some of which are pretty signifcant. Erick Pound, the driving force and founder of this little project is stepping down from day-to-day operation of the website and magazine, mainly due to a deployment with the military that will have him out of the country for the next few months.


Ski Cooper ViewThe crew over at Elevation Outdoors put together a killer guide to Colorado resorts, just in time for season to start. They tracked down locals to spill the beans on how to experience each resort like an insider. We'll be working on a few of these tips this winter :) Read the full article here.

Eastern view of Long Island at 2000ft above Jones Beach Eastern view of Long Island at 2000ft above Jones Beach
Here at Adventure Insider, we go to great lengths to get our adrenaline fix.  For those of us based in NYC, escaping the daily grind can me difficult at times.  With this in mind, we had to ask ourselves, "How do we get the hell out of the city ASAP?" The answer came easy; learn how to fly.  The Northeast provides some of the most beautiful flying in the country, while offering some amazing adventure travel opportunities.  The best part of it all, besides the view, is soaring 5000 feet over bumper to bumper traffic on the infamous New England toll roads.  Throw some climbing gear, mountain bikes or surfboards in the cargo hold and adventure travel is limitless.  Adventure Insider has some pretty exciting stuff coming out in the near future, and we look forward to sharing every thrilling moment with you.
A view from the eastern cliffs of San Sebastian A view from the eastern cliffs of San Sebastian
For an adventure traveler, a trip to Spain cannot be complete without visiting Basque Country in the northeastern part of the country.  The dramatic geological clash of mountains meets sea (reminiscent of Marin County, CA) provides endless opportunities for adventure sports, including surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, wind surfing, hiking and many more.  Basque Country's capital, San Sebastian provides the perfect Trifecta that makes me weak in the knees: great surfing, miles of cross country mountain biking and world class cuisine.  The streets of San Sebastian are a harmonious mix of antiquated cobble stone and sweeping modern plazas which are cluttered with bar and restaurants serving traditional pintxos and local wines.  San Sebastian will not disappoint the hedonist in any adventure sports enthusiast.
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